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AnnWebCom Newsletter - October 2007


Hoaxes and Viruses

We recently received an e-mail about a hoax virus that is being circulated.  The sender had hesitated to send it, then sent it 'just in case'.

If you have any doubts about a virus warning message, DON'T FORWARD IT.  Check it's authenticity with Symantec - who have a huge library of virus and hoax information.  Search 'viruses and risks' with a key word from the e-mail you received.

Find Symantec here

Or just ask us for advice!

In our experience the vast majority of these messages are hoaxes and just cause a nuisance.

Regularly updated information about  hoaxes and viruses can also be found on our website.

E-Mail Etiquette

A Brief Guide to e-mail etiquette

Generally, e-mail is regarded as a more informal method of communication than a letter,  but there are some guiding principles to e-mail etiquette.

For example, it's okay to start with 'Hi' rather than 'Dear' and end with 'regards' rather than 'yours faithfully/sincerely'.

So what about the To, CC and BCC fields?

To - is for the primary person or persons you are addressing
CC - anyone who might be interested/affected
BCC -  This one should be used with caution because the To and CC recipients are unaware of the BCC recipient.

Don't put everyone in the To field if you want just one or two people to take action.  By addressing just those from whom a response is required in the To field, all the CC recipients should realise it's just for their information, read and move on.

To reply or to reply to all?

In general, if your name is in the To field - reply to all, keep everyone in the loop - but if you are in the CC (or BCC) field then just reply to the sender.

By considering carefully your To, CC, Reply and Reply To All options you could help cut down the amount of e-mail traffic and thus speed up again what is supposed to be a quick and efficient form of communication!

'Bulk' e-mails

Some people use the BCC field and an 'undisclosed recipient' in the To field when sending e-mails to large groups.  This can be problematic in a number of ways:

Firstly the intended recipient may not receive your e-mail because the local server doesn't recognise the undisclosed recipient address; a large number of BCC recipients can be considered as spam triggers by ISP's; and finally, individuals often filter out mail that isn't addressed directly to them.

So if you want to send e-mails to a large number of people, use a bone fide mailing service.

Client Resources Area
Exclusively for you!

The username and password has been changed, see the current one in the right hand column of this newsletter.

The client resources area is not intended to be an alternative to getting support directly from us, so please do call 01296 770848 or email us when you need help or advice.

If there is anything you think would be helpful or that you would like information about, please let us know.

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Best regards,
Ann, Cliff and Sue

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