1) Domain Names

.co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk, .me.uk etc. £19.00  for 2 years
.com, .org, .net etc. £39.00  for 2 years
.co £60.00  for 2 years
.eu £19.99 per year
Other types Prices on application
Transfer-in (.co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk) FREE
Transfer-in (.com, .org, .net) – adds one year to registration £19.50
Transfer-out admin fee (all types) £15.00

2) Web and Email Hosting

Web Hosting up to 50mB (suits smaller sites) £109.00 per year
Web Hosting up to 100mB / sites with databases £166.00 per year
Web Hosting up to 300mB (e-commerce and larger sites) £291.50 per year
Web Hosting up to 500mB £407.00 per year
Web Hosting over 500mB £566.00 per year
Web hosting includes one POP3 Mailbox or mail forwarding
Email Only Hosting (one POP3 mailbox) £88.65 per year
Per additional POP3 mailbox £54.00 per year
Outgoing SMTP Mail Service (Authenticated) – per user £65.20 per year
MX-Protect – Managed SPAM and Virus filtering and MX Backup for for Hosted Email (per domain) £80.50 per year
MX-Protect – Managed SPAM and Virus filtering and MX Backup for SMTP “Push” (billed annually in advance) £80.50 per month, per domain
User FTP Access to hosting account £42.00 per year
Control Panel Access £69.51 per year
Password Protected Directory (includes up to 12 password changes) £75.00 per year
MySQL Database £45.00 per year

3) Web Site Design (Fully Managed – no CMS)

Internet Introduction package (IIP) – YEAR 1 £300.00 Includes initial deployment
Internet Introduction package  (IIP) – Subsequent years £250.00
IIP Additional web page – YEAR 1 £85.00
IIP Additional web page – Subsequent years £45.00
IIPs include a .co.uk domain name, hosting and occasional updates for the year
Full Business Web Site of up to 8 pages £895.00
Additional web pages £85.00 per page
On-line contact form £95.00 depending on complexity
Web design fees are indicative only. Client needs will be reviewed and an appropriate solution priced and proposed. Updates and management are additional for full business web sites. For self-edit web sites, please refer to our SpiderPress products and services.

4) Web Site Maintenance and Reporting

Web Site of up to 8 pages £115.00 per month
Per additional web page £4.50 per month
Membership System Technical Support (not managing member data) £45.00 per month
Looking after a database (technical support – not updating data) £45.00 per month
Online Catalogue Technical Support / Product Maintenance Prices on application
Ad-hoc Web Site Maintenance £58.50 per hour

5) Other Items

Database Integration £550.00 (“from” price)
Online Database Updating Suite £325.00 (“from” price)
Membership Management System £475.00 (“from” price)
E-commerce Site (shopping basket etc.) £2425.00 (“from” price)
Online Payments Centre £425.00 (“from” price)
Integrating SagePay Payment Gateway (Form Method) £335.00 (“from” price)
Bespoke Development / Consultancy / Training £93.50 per hour

Please note:

  • All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the prevailing rate.
  • Prices and fees may change without notice and are subject to confirmation following discussion of individual requirements and specifications.
  • Standing charges, maintenance and support fees are subject to annual review and / or indexing in line with RPI.