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Promote your website, shops and other channels to increase customer engagement with your own mobile App.

What can my business do with a mobile App?

Push Notifications

When you add a new offer, want to alert customers to an upcoming event or have a news announcement, get your customers’ attention by sending push notifications to their mobile, whenever and as often you want.

Location-based Messaging

Use Geo-messaging to automatically prompt your customers via their mobile when they are in the vicinity of your business or even a competitors, when they are at an event or where they may want to use one of your products or services!

Mobile Vouchers

Increase sales with in-app deals and voucher codes which can be redeemed via phone, in-store, by email or via your web site. Run up to 20 offers at a time, send alerts to your customers.

  • Your own mobile App

Loyalty Stamps

Incentivise customers to come back again and again with a loyalty scheme. Your customers can collect loyalty stamps on the App when they buy in-store, see you at your exhibition stand or attend events!

Social Integration

Include Facebook and Twitter feeds in your App to strengthen customer relationships and increase brand awareness through social sharing.

And more…

Galleries to show photos and videos, price lists, a Google location map, a contact form and information that can all be viewed and used within the App.

How do I get my App?

App Creation / Preview

AnnWebCom will create a simple, easy to use, mobile App utilising the features that are appropriate for your business.

You will be able to preview the App on your own mobile device by downloading the “AppMaker” app.

App Publication

Once created, AnnWebCom will submit the App to the Apple App Store and Google Play.  It can take up to 2 weeks for the App to be published.

The App will work on the Apple (IOS 6 and above) and Android operating systems – pretty much all mobile devices. †

App Promotion

Once published, you can promote the App on your web site, in-store using QR codes, in Apple App Store and Google Play, through social media like Facebook and Twitter, via email-marketing and with “AppMaker”.

App Management

You will be able to send push-notifications using “AppMaker” – so you can reach your customers instantly any-time, anywhere.

You can manage all of the content of your App using a simple, easy to use on-line “dashboard”.

Alternatively, AnnWebCom can manage your App content for you for an additional monthly fee.


Set up fee: £150.00

Includes creating the App and submitting it to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Monthly App Provisioning (self-managed): £46.79 per month*

Hosting your App, providing the management dashboard so that you can manage your App content, including adding and removing offers (maximum to 20 concurrent), setting up geo-messages plus telephone / email support.

If paid annually in advance you pay just £479.88, saving £6.80 per month.

Monthly App Provisioning and Management (fully managed): £86.79 per month*

Hosting your App, managing your App in its entirety including adding and removing offers (up to 20 per month, maximum to 20 concurrent), setting up geo-messages (up to 10 per month) and updating other content as required.

You will still be able to send push-notifications using “AppMaker” – so you can reach your customers instantly any-time, anywhere

If paid annually in advance you pay just £886.44, saving £155.04 (£12.92 per month).

The App can be branded using your logo and a background image. The App template allows for one loyalty stamp scheme, 20 concurrent voucher-deals, 80 items on the price list, one Google location map, 20 images, 4 YouTube videos, one website link, one email-address link, one contact form, one Facebook link and one Twitter account link.  Not all features have to be used and they can be arranged in an order according to the needs of your business.  It can take up to two weeks for your App to appear on the App stores following submission.

*Minimum 6 month term. Prices exclude VAT.
As at December 2014 Apple and Android devices accounted for over 96% of the mobile market and rising.

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