email marketing
Email marketing doesn’t have to mean ‘spam’. Used properly, that is with full consideration for the recipients, email marketing can be a very cost effective way to maintain contact with a large community of customers or other individuals.

At AnnWebCom we understand the difference between a fully managed permission-based email contact programme and randomly sending poorly constructed emails to a long list of addresses.

On the one hand you can generate new and repeat business, keep your customers informed of products and service developments, promote your brand as well as adding value to your services offerings. On the other hand you can fatally damage your customer relationships and mortally wound your brand.

Our extensive experience in this field allows us to provide down-to-earth non-technical advice on how to use email marketing in a positive and effective way. It also allows us to deliver a complete managed service that means that you can use email marketing without any technical knowledge of the systems or processes involved.

The AnnWebCom web-mailing service includes:

  • The sending of personalised email messages. Not only can we advise on the design and layout of the emails, but we can deliver them to the recipients with personalised content. Emails are sent in multiple technical formats to make sure that the recipients will receive the email looking as you had intended it. In addition, AnnWebCom can supply professional copy writing services to help with email content, if required.
  • Checking the content for spam filter triggers and advising on any changes required to minimise the risk of being filtered out.
  • Response tracking, using traceable links and click-through reports, that helps you to determine which areas of a specific email campaign were most interesting to the recipients and will enable you to focus your follow-up activity. We will interpret all of the technical data into plain English for you.
  • Opt-in and opt-out forms so that recipients of your emails can decide if they wish to stop receiving them, or alternatively potential recipients can request addition to the subscription list. The service includes the automatic store and capture of subscriber data and the dispatch of instant welcome messages if wanted.
  • Automatic list management that is linked with the opt-in/out forms and handles all subscribe and unsubscribe requests. In addition the service includes management of failed deliveries (invalid email addresses) as well as the removal of duplicate addresses, thus keeping your mail list clean and current.
  • A ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach to pricing that makes sure that your email campaigns are as cost-effective as possible. A one-off set-up fee applies and covers all the technical work up to, and including, your first mailing to as many as 500 recipients. Thereafter ‘per mailing’ fee allows you to keep in regular contact. Compare that pricing with an equivalent postal campaign and you’ll quickly see the benefit. An incremental pricing structure applies to mailings with more recipients.

We provide a complete managed service with a human interface. Our clients continually tell us that this is of high value to them as business professionals, because they don’t have the time, inclination or the skills to manage all of the technicalities of their online affairs.

Self-managed email marketing

If you need to produce high volumes of e-mail marketing campaigns and have the in-house resources to do so, we can offer you your own web-mailing account so you can produce unlimited mailings to large lists for an affordable monthly fee. Like all AnnWebCom services, this comes with the peace of mind that you can obtain professional support when you need it.  Contact us for details.