Data Driven

Driven By Data

Some sites are like product catalogues but do not sell on-line. Examples include vehicle and property listing sites, business to business catalogues, certification and labelling, support ticketing systems, clubs, private membership or community portals, forums and directories.

Database driven web sites can require a high level of technical intervention to ensure that their databases of information are always up-to-date. AnnWebCom designs these sites so that information updating is simple and reliable. We can provide a secure online updating facility for clients to use or offer a fully managed updating service to perform these updates on your behalf.

Online Databases

Database driven sites enable you to list many, many items efficiently. Users can browse or search the database and view details of the items they find. By categorising the data we can create shortcuts to each item category and the user can further qualify their search criteria. Online contact or enquiry forms can be integrated with the database which enables highly targeted, qualified leads to be generated.

Membership Management Systems

If you need to give private access to information for club members or subscribers we can provide a fully functional membership management system that enables you to:

  • Register members and securely manage their member details online
  • allow them to register themselves (with authentication controls) and securely manage their own member details online.
  • Create groups of members for easier management and organization.
  • Allow only group members to login to areas of the site.
  • Restrict different pages to different groups.
  • Quickly find user information using sort, filter and search functions.
  • Track which pages are being visited and by whom.
  • Set an expiry date for each member’s access and send reminder emails before expiry.
  • Import or export all members to/from other applications.
  • Set up and configure automatic emails such as those sent on registration, when requesting email address verification, password reminders, etc.
  • Send basic email newsletters to members or sub-groups.

Your data can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet or comma separated values (CSV) file – we’ll convert it to an online database for you. As always we’ll keep things as simple as possible and communicate in plain English.