web and email hosting
It’s hard enough to get potential customers to visit your website in the extremely crowded market that is the World Wide Web. But they won’t be able to visit at all if your site is unavailable when they are looking. And don’t think that they’ll simply come back later… they won’t!

Anything less than 99.99% site availability means that you could be wasting much of the money that you spent creating the site in the first place. You should also remember that internet users don’t keep UK office hours so your site needs to be open and ready for business at all hours.

Having your website professionally hosted in a secure data-centre will certainly improve availability, but this can work out very expensive if you choose the wrong options. It needn’t be like that. At AnnWebCom we bulk buy hosting services from a premier hosting provider and pass-through the cost savings to our customers.

This way we can deliver great value, high specification hosting services that  includes:

  • Reliable website and email hosting in a fully managed 24×7 UK data centre, with onsite power backup systems, reliable internet connectivity, backed up servers and high levels of physical and network security.
  • Optional services for additional security requirements including secure server space, password protected folders etc.
  • A human interface between you and the hosting provider to manage all of the technical aspects of hosting your web site, email system set-up, creating auto-responders for “out of office” replies during holiday or extended absences, un-jamming ‘stuck’ mailboxes, managing log file sizes, general server administration and so on.

AnnWebCom’s website hosting services provide you with a flexible yet robust technical environment to maximise site availability at an exceptional price. With our extensive experience of website building and deployment we can advise on the best options to match your business needs and budget.

We provide a complete managed service with a human interface. Our clients continually tell us that this is of high value to them as business professionals, because they don’t have the time, inclination or the skills to manage all of the technicalities of their internet affairs.