Bespoke web sites created by AnnWebCom are individually crafted to meet the needs and reflect the style of the client’s business.

We ensure that sites meet or exceed the prevailing standards for cross-browser compatibility, accessibility and usability.

A typical business web site that is not database driven or an e-commerce site is used as a brochure or for simply delivering information and we have found that a site of around 8 pages is usually suitable.

So we have set up our regular Business Web Site product on this basis and offer a fixed price for creating a web site of up to 8 pages. We also offer fixed prices for adding pages and for some additional features.

We offer low cost hosting plans which can be scaled according to the requirements of your site.

When it comes to updating and looking after the site our fixed price web site maintenance plans give you the peace of mind that your site will always be up to date and working properly and that any changes you want to existing pages will be done with no extra charges.

AnnWebCom has considerable experience of business processes and management as well as the technical aspects of website development. We couple these capabilities to make sure that the sites that we create really pay their way in both business and technical terms. We do this through human interaction with our customers and always in plain English.