From simply taking on-line payments to the development and day-to-day operation of your e-commerce web site, AnnWebCom have an e-commerce solution to meet your needs.

Of paramount importance is the security of your customer’s information and your own data. To ensure this, AnnWebCom employs and develops robust catalogue software, provides secure web-server services and supports payment gateways that are provided and approved by leading UK banks and payment service providers.

Taking Online Payments

If you simply need to enable your customers to pay on-line we can integrate your web site with a secure payment gateway utilising your existing credit card merchant account or introduce you to a suitable payment service provider. We have experience in implementing payment gateways including those by SagePay, PayPal and others.

Selling a Small Number of Products

If you want to sell a few products online we can create a simple order form that calculates the order totals and passes the order information to you and passes the transaction information to your chosen payment gateway.

Running an Online Catalogue

If you have a lot of products to sell online we can deploy a powerful online catalogue with e-commerce capabilities and a range of features and options which we have developed during 12 years of designing and deploying online catalogues. There are several implementation options – you can decide to manage your own online catalogue yourself, or you can leave us to do that so you just get orders!

You can opt to integrate your online catalogue with your own in-house systems including the popular Sage accounting package and you can even enable customers to log in for their own pricing and offers. The look and feel of your site is completely flexible and there are advanced cross-selling and up-selling features enabling you to offer various types of discounts, promote new products and prompt customers to increase the value of their order. Promoting your products is also fully supported with the ability to export data files for submission to the major search engines.

Regulations and Risks

When it comes to the regulatory aspects of selling on line we can advise you on best practice and help you to formulate policies. We’ll help you to understand your responsibilities and implement technical methodologies and operating practices that limit your exposure to fraud or exploitation.

AnnWebCom has years of experience of developing and managing e-commerce sites. We can help you through the whole process and have several tools available to ease the process of gathering and organising your product data and keeping everything up to date.