Web Search
Designing and building a great website is one thing. Getting visitors to find and go to that website is another.

There are three ways of achieving this. Firstly, spend a lot of money advertising the existence and address of your site using both offline and online media. Secondly, spend a lot of money technically fine tuning your website for each and every search engine on the internet on an ongoing basis.

The third way is the AnnWebCom way.

Use a pragmatic mix of the other two ways specifically scoped to meet your true business needs in the most cost effective and affordable manner.

AnnWebCom has many years of experience in designing, building and promoting websites for clients of all shapes and sizes. This experience means that we can deliver sound advice on which techniques are appropriate for your need and budget.

Specifically, we can advise on:

  • The confusing world of online advertising. Should you go for Banners? Interstitials? How about Google AdWords? What happened to Froogle? What are Site Maps? What about viral marketing? Where does email marketing fit?
  • Which type of advertising is best for you, if any?
  • Optimising your website for specific, or all, internet search engines (Google, etc.) At which point does the law of ‘diminishing returns’ kick-in for your specific business needs? How can you counter the continual changing of search engine algorithms? Should you even bother?
  • Directory submissions and reciprocal linking. Will this approach really work for your needs or will you just be benefiting others? How much effort and cost will be involved and when should you stop? What are the merits of appearing in local directories versus national or international directories? What about industry-specific portals?
  • Visitor traffic analysis. How can you use performance information to improve the look, feel and navigation of your site so that visitors stay longer and view more pages? Which search phrases did visitors use most to find your site and how can you use that knowledge to your advantage?

AnnWebCom’s opinion is that every business situation is different. So we haven’t put together any ‘one size fits all’ packages for Search Engine Optimisation. We don’t offer Bronze, Silver and Gold service levels for keyword analysis and reciprocal linking. We definitely don’t have an army of text editors just waiting to change all of your web pages every month because Google have altered something deep in their software.

Based on the needs of your business we may simply recommend some actions for you to take, offer to implement these directly or introduce a specialist who can help with your specific requirements.

We just provide down-to-earth and impartial advice … in plain English. Our clients continually tell us that this is of high value to them as business professionals, because they don’t have the time, inclination or the skills to manage all of the technicalities of their internet affairs.